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Why does your website need an SSL certificate?

The internet is a wonderful tool in modern day life, it gives you access to an endless list of resources and without it many of us would feel lost. Sadly there are hackers who try and take advantage of how comfortable people have become when using the internet, data can be targeted and stolen. This is why there is a need for security when using the internet.

A Secure Socket Layer provides protection for everyone using your website. It establishes a secure connection between the user and the server and encrypts messages to ensure sensitive data can not be stolen.

In a normal connection the data on the TCP / IP transport layer are sent from the users computer to the server. When using a website with an SSL certificate a protective cover has been applied around the TCP / IP connection.

If you’re unsure whether you need an SSL certificate for your website the answer should always be yes, even if the data users input is not super sensitive there’s many reasons why having an SSL certificate makes sense, the two most important are:


As we’ve already mentioned, an SSL certificate will make your website more secure, recent changes including GDPR has put more pressure on companies to keep their clients data safe. One easy way of ensuring a breach has least chance of occurring is an SSL. 

Website Security Graphic
Website without SSL vs Website with SSL

If your website incorporates a shop then it is vital you have an active SSL at all times, shops are often the most targeted websites due to users entering payment details. Having an SSL certificate means that even if a hacker was able to intercept the data being transmitted between the device and the server it would be encrypted, making it valueless to the hacker.

Just by having an SSL certificate installed on your website will act as a deterrent to hackers and you’re less likely to even be targeted.

If data was to be stolen from your website you could be liable to paying a large fine for failing to collect and store customers data in a safe way.


You’ve probably seen the padlock icon in the top left corner of many, many websites, this is the symbol which represents the secure connection an SSL provides. This is widely regarded by users as a sign that the website can be trusted.

Thankfully internet users are becoming more and more wary of the risks that we are exposed to on the internet due to the number of cases which have been made public. This does however mean that if you do not have an SSL installed you’re likely to lose out on potential customers as they may be wary of the dangers of the internet.

How can you get an SSL certificate?

If you’ve decided you should get an SSL certificate get in touch with your hosting provider, alternatively Crusade Media offer a free SSL certificate when you purchase a years hosting. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your options and find out more about our competitive pricing.