Search Engine Optimisation

Planning creates success

The only way to achieve successful SEO results is planning. We put planning at the centre of every search engine optimisation campaign we manage. We find out what your customers really want when they’re searching. We get to know your potential customers, analyse their search habits and find out what’s driving their behaviour.

We then uncover the most valuable ranking opportunities for your business, ensuring your website is top of rankings for the search terms.

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

We believe for a website to be successful we need a clear structured process & strategy from start to finish. Find out more about our strategy below.

Research & Planning

We start our search engine optimisation projects with extensive research and planning. We use tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics to dive deep into the infrastructure of your website and analyse the performance of your website.

Once we understand your website in full detail we will begin our keyword research. Armed with the keywords we are looking to target we build a plan on which content to create around the keywords. Included in this plan will be results from competitor analysis to ensure we can identify any gaps and opportunities to increase your website performance.


Once we’ve developed a plan to improve your websites search engine ranking position we will begin to make changes to your website. We normally start with on page optimisation, this includes meta descriptions, titles and the internal linking structure. We will also work on any user experience issues that have been identified during planning such as slow page loading.

Our team will then move onto content creation to ensure the content on your website is to the highest standard and optimised to perform well for your industry. A link building strategy will be developed with the aim of securing back links from websites with a high domain authority which are relevant to your industry.


Once we’ve completed the tasks set out in our initial plan we then analyse the success of the campaign after around a month. We will send you a detailed report of the results and explain our next steps. This report will be easy to understand and avoid technical language to ensure you fully understand the work we’ve carried out and the results.

Depending on the effectiveness of the campaign we will explain the different options you can take next. This could be our team continuing to create content and help you build on your improved website or you may be content with your improvements and take control yourself, it’s completely down to you.

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