Web Design

New or Existing Website?

If you currently have no website we can provide honest, jargon-free advice about what is best for your business. Our in-house creative skills can then provide you with a web design that will present your business in the best possible way. If you have an existing website that is looking a bit tired, we can look at it for you and either fix it, freshen it up or start again from scratch.

No matter your current situation we can develop a website to fulfil your needs.

Our Web Design Strategy

We believe for a website to be successful we need a clear structured process & strategy from start to finish. Find out more about our strategy below.

Pre Production

When you instruct us to take on your project the first thing we do is research your industry. We look into what your competitors are doing, then identify how you can do it better. We also identify your target market so we can develop a site which is suitable for your clientele, if you’re a quirky brand, you probably don’t want a corporate looking site.

From there we will begin the design work based on your brief and target market. We will plan the user journey and how they’re likely to interact with your site, this will change between devices as well, for example a desktop site will rely on mouse clicks to get links, however a mobile device will use finger touches and swipes.


Development starts as soon as the design stage has been signed off, each site is build with WordPress to take advantage of it’s simple content management system.

All code is hand written right here in house and never outsourced so we can ensure the highest quality of coding, something which search engines love.

Post Production

Post Production is potentially the most important stage of any website development, wide scale testing of the site needs to be carried out to ensure that the end user does not run into any issues.

During post production we will also optimise the website using the latest search engine optimisation techniques to ensure that your site appears as high in results as possible.

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