Why Mobile Design Matters

Why mobile design matters

In data released by Google, there are 27.8 billion more searches performed on mobile than desktop.

This information alone should be enough to make you ensure your web site looks great on mobile devices. You could be losing over 50% of potential visitors due to your site not performing well for mobile devices.

58% of all searches on Google are now made from a mobile device. This has led to Google changing their algorithms for ranking web sites, they now list web sites that perform well and look good on mobile devices over those designed for desktops.

Google’s Mobile-first index ranks the search results based on only the mobile version of the web site, even if you’re searching from a desktop. Before this update the index was made up of a mix of desktop and mobile results.

If someone searched from a mobile device Google would show them mobile results and the same applied for searches made from desktop.

If your web site doesn’t rank well for mobile devices it now won’t rank well for desktops either and therefore won’t rank at all.

To ensure your web site stands a chance of being found by potential clients your site should:

  • Load resources across all devices
  • Show all content on mobile version rather than hiding sections
  • Load quickly on all devices
  • Be easy to use on all devices

If your web site does all the above you should be good, your web site stands a chance. If not you need to seriously consider getting your web site redesigned. There’s different ways of making your web site mobile friendly, some more effective than others.

Not so long ago, companies were creating a completely separate version of their web site just for mobile devices on a different url. This would normally mean adding a “m.” in front of the web site address. They worked great, you could have a web site which looked great on desktop and mobile. Unfortunately it caused a lot of issues around SEO and can get very complicated to manage. So there goes that option.

The best and only option you should ever consider is responsive design. This is how we make all of our web sites, we create a site that looks great on all devices by editing the styling for each device.

All of this is achieved by using style sheet classes which only apply to devices within a certain size range. The web site identifies the size of the device the user is on and applies the classes which makes the site look great.

The best part about responsive design is that each page only needs one url so is great for SEO. It also means that if someone shares a link to your site from a desktop and someone on a mobile devices clicks the link it will still look good rather than a desktop version.

So go on, take a look at your web site on different devices and see how it appears. If your web site isn’t already displaying well on all devices get in touch with us now.